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September 09, 2014



I still read your blog!

Instagram is a fun way to share snapshots, I really love it, but it does not replace a blog. It's great for a quick fix of yarn-y goodness but blogs are better for sharing techniques, stories, patterns, inspiration, etc.

Melissa M

Don't stop blogging! I love your work, how quickly you complete projects, and your ever growing yarn stash...ooooooh.

Congrats on the Fair ribbons. Members of my family have been submitting food items for years. You have given me the inspiration to give it a shot!


I'm here!! Read your blog all the time. Connie (Rav momlcox)


I still read your blog. I love seeing all of your beautiful knitting and pictures. We met a few years ago at Stitches West. :)


It's me, Pinky (Amphibiaknitter). I'm still a loyal reader. I love the blog. Blogging is different from Instagram. Instagram is more down and dirty with not much text. I like them both, but they fulfill different purposes. I absolutely think you should get on Instagram, but I absolutely don't think you should stop blogging.

Interesting judges' comments. I have no idea what you would have to do to get a 100 on anything.

I love those sock drawers. I think that's a fascinating idea. I also love how tidy you keep your socks. I put mine together and then roll them into an inside-out ball. But you block your socks after washing them - I just hang them to dry and let them block on my feet.


I still read. You and Amphibia were my gateway to knitting blogs. :)


Hi I'm Jo-ann (ninja-knitter on Rav). I read your blog from the wilds of Australia (I found it from amphibiaknits blog one random day). I love blogging too. I'm not on instagram as I don't have a smart phone and you need to use the app to set up an account. Blooging for me is telling stories.

Congratualtions on your ribbons. Maybe next year, I'll enter stuff in our local show...


Hi! I'm Jennifer and I love your blog! I don't do social media except for Ravelry so if you stop blogging, I'll never find you. Please don't stop!


I'm still here, Christine. (HLMauera on Ravelry, Kristin otherwise). I missed you while you were traveling this summer so don't give up the blog.


I just recent discovered your blog. Love those watermelon socks! I don't tough FB or Instagram, which FB owns. Only on Rav (amclain). Blogs seems to be disappearing these days. Would hate to have a new-to-me blog vanish before I could enjoy it.


I read Christine! I just don't comment much.


I hope you don't think this is weird but,I check everyday to see if you've posted! Love your blog! BTW I live pretty close to that place they make those baskets you like in Ohio. Last I heard they have charter bus tours to the factory. I've heard from several people that the building is shaped like a giant basket. Have you been?


It's been a while since I stopped by - but it was so nice to see all the pretty pictures again (and congrats on the first prizes - wish we had something like state fairs here in the UK)


Look at all those lovely comments! You know I love your blog :-)

I'm loving your drawers. I need to reorganize my sock drawer and make more room, because I don't think I'll stop knitting socks any time soon.

I'm curious about the judges comments about trying a different cast on for your socks. What cast on do you typically use?

Chris DuBay

For your knitting friends that don't know you like I do...you are simply AMAZING don't know where you find the time to make all these beautiful time. You go girlfriend ☺


Oh your sock drawer is drool worthy indeed!!! Beautiful work and very inspiring for a sock-newbie like me :)

Helen Outen

I also knit a lot of socks. I have made a couple of cardigans for myself with left over sick yarn......
Light and warm.


Came here from the Attic 24 blog. What lovely work! I would find the 99 score irritating too - did you see any scores that were perfect? My sister asked me to make her a particular cardigan (because it looked easy). I offered to teach her how...haven't had any requests since!


I wish I could knit socks. They are all sooooo pretty!


Hello Christine, I found you through Lucy at attic24 (here in the UK) who is a blogger. I'm going to take a look back at your previous posts. Keep on blogging. Here is a tongue in cheek calculator for all those people who request that you knit them something


Penny, UK

Loretta Ann

Keep up your enjoyable blog.
What an inspiration on knitting socks!!

Chris Smith

I have just come across your blog. Your socks are beautiful and I am a fan of the 3-needle bind-off!

mrs. smythe

First time visitor - I was lured by your amazing sock drawers (seen on Attic 24). You've knit so many pairs of socks! Amazing. Also - I'm intrigued by your State Fair experience. I've always wondered about entering something in our local fair.


Lovely socks xx very talented lady


Sorry Christine I gave an incorrect email in my comment above. Correct one added. PennyP UK.

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