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My friend Lynn H. tells me that I have "too much energy". I work full time as a Manager/Programmer Analyst for a Corporate company (huge insurance company). Yet, I find time to scrapbook, garden, knit, watch movies, and read (well, not really!). What gives? Housecleaning and play time with my kids and husband. Knitting is a new interest that I find I can do while doing other stuff - like watching TV and my kids' hockey and baseball games. I recently created a new knitting blog. Check it out at

Adding to another list of things to do now is keeping up with this blog. I am not one to keep a journal and I'm not good at keeping in touch with relatives around the world. I figured this is a way for them to reach me via my blog vs. the other way around. Also, I can share my creations (knitting and scrapbooking projects) with my friends, especially Chris D, now that she's happily retired... taking naps whenever she wants...


Scrapbooking, knitting, gardening, movies, reading, music, bulletin boards