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September 09, 2014


Ann Zahorik

I was drawn to your blog by your sock picture. I am a novice at this sock knitting and am struggling throught my first pair of socks. I'm determined to finish but can't imagine ever being as prolific as you at knitting socks. I believe I will hang your sock drawer pics next to my knitting chair for inspiration. In my eyes they are a thing of beauty. Keep blogging and know that you do inspire!

Pat hayes

Awesome XXX


What's your Ravelry username I would love to check out your projects. Mine is mrsbielawski - I am in love with the watermelon socks! My goal this year is #16in2016 for socks, in three pairs in yay!

Bridie Murphy

Wow! What a great knitter you are! And BRAVE to let your work be judged at a fair! FAB! I'm googling "Kitchener" right now! Thanks! Bridie ( Fairhaven Australia)


I have a very successful sock shop in Santa Fe NM. I was wondering if you sell these? Would love to have them in my shop in time for next fall.

Joanna Worthington

Hi I've just found your blog via Attic 24. Just love your socks! I have bought some yarn and am about to start knitting my very first pair when I get home to UK. I'm currently on a skiing holiday in Austria - where they have some amazing sock yarn.... I may just have to buy some before I go home! Joanna x


Ok I had to comment. You are a sock wizard if those stuffy state fair people don't know perfection when they see it I'd say that's their loss. I am in awe and think you rock in the sock department. Way to Go!!!

Ruth Ramirez

Don't stop doing this. You give us hope and you let us know that it's possible to be a mom and do many different things while finding joy in knitting. Thank you for that.


I'm new to your blog and feeling inadequate! Your socks are amazing. I'm only do 'plain' ones, with aspirations to advance to your level <3 I can live with that. I've decided to 'punish' myself by reading (drooling) over your blog forever more :D So please... Blog On xxx
New follower
Suzanne x


Just found your blog and loving it!!

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